The Fein Law Firm is a results oriented law firm that utilizes innovative legal strategies and approaches.

Dallas, TX


Business Attorney and Commercial Litigator

In today’s fast-paced business environment, where a single mouse-click can instantly transfer millions of dollars, a warehouse full of merchandise, or simply a copy of the latest best-selling novel, you and your fellow business owners might feel understandably overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude and speed of the transformation in virtually every aspect of doing business in the 21st century.

The exponentially-expanding global marketplace, fostering innovations in everything from technology to management practices to idea processes, brings with it new challenges that make it imperative for businesses of every kind, no matter how large or small, to have a trusted, experienced legal advisor who understands your unique legal circumstances and who knows how to help you navigate the increasingly complex legal climate in the world of business.

When you contact the office, you can be confident that you will receive professional, knowledgeable representation. As skilled Business Lawyers the Fein Law Firm understands that disputes arise in every area of human endeavor; business and personal financial affairs are no exception. The Fein Law Firm works hard to resolve disputes for clients without litigation, but if necessary, the attorney at the Fein Law Firm has the experience, ability and training to provide an outstanding level of representation in court. The Fein Law Firm utilizes its results oriented approach and will provide you with the legal representation you expect. For your contract, intellectual property and other legal needs, our attorneys are there to provide you with the assistance you need to take care of the legal aspects of your business endeavor but also are engaged to facilitate your business accomplishing its goals.

The Fein Law Firm has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of both business and individual clients in a variety of practice areas, including:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Contracts and Negotiations
  • Business Formation and Governance
    • S Corporation
    • C Corporation
    • LLC
    • Joint Venture
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Copyright and Trademarks
  • Franchise
  • Construction
  • Collections
  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Buy-Sell
  • Employment & Labor Law
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Director, Officer and Shareholder Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Oil and Gas
  • Sports and Entertainment Law
  • When you have legal concerns in Dallas, TX, business attorney assistance can be obtained when you contact The Fein Law Firm. Call us today or find us on Google+!